welcome  to  McFarlane  copywriting

Writing is what drives me. To be able to create words that make people laugh, think, cry, click, resolve and problem solve is what I do. The ability to give a voice to people, companies and organisations is a privilege.

My individual experiences and love of pushing boundaries when I write allows me to be flexible and open to all ideas thrown my way. Your brief will be treated with the utmost respect and detail. I ask all the necessary questions to make sure your vision is shared.

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love and share that creativity with others to make their own mark. You want humour? I’ll give you humour. You want zany? I’ll just grab my spinny cap. You need straight forward, corporate speak? I can do that too.

A well rounded writer has experience from all places – not just the keyboard or pen and paper.

Don’t stress out about writing copy or trying to be visible in the great Google machine. Let me take on the challenge and help you.


Words have power.

Do you want to entice, persuade, engage and convert? Do you want to excite, invigorate and entertain?

No matter the purpose of your copy , I can write words that speak to your audience and convert them into buyers, subscribers and return customers.

 I can help you break through the crowd and stand out.



Do your words need a polish? Are you writing a manuscript, web pages or brochures? 

Let me help you tidy, organise and structure your writing, no matter it’s purpose.

Whether it’s copy,  structural or developmental editing you need, I can help.

Maybe you just want that last proofread to make sure it’s as brilliant as you know it is?



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