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Are you an Under-Resourced Digital Agency?

Are you a Small Business?

Does your Copy need a Revamp?

I’m Sam, a Copywriter in Sydney, Australia

Does the thought of filling blank pages with words make you want to build a blanket fort and watch re-runs of Friends? (In fairness, this is a regular Saturday night).

Is your website colourful, but the words on the page make your bounce rate higher than Snoop Dogg?

Your products are high quality and full of awesomeness… but your copy isn’t converting browsers into buyers.

Maybe you’re a digital agency needing a reliable copywriter who can adjust to tone of voice and messaging for multiple clients.

Or perhaps you’re a small business needing web copy that attracts and converts your customers.

Working With Me

Dedicated Copywriter

When we work together, we work together. I am your dedicated copywriter and will work alongside you to make sure your message is your message.

Storytelling with a Twist

As a fiction writer as well as a persuasive copywriter, I can tell your story with flair to  convert your customers. Your web copy, emails or blog will speak directly to your customer and tell them what they need to know in an engaging and simple way.

Personalised Editing

Looking for an editor that listens to you and what you need for your manuscript, report, web pages, emails… anything with words? Look no further…

What do YOU Need?

Every project is unique and so are you. Tell me what you need and what you envisage for your copy and we will work together to make it work for you and your business.

I recently had the pleasure of using Sam for some blog proofreading. I reached out to Sam in a hurry, and she bent over backwards to help me with some last-minute proofing. Not only was Sam super helpful, but her proofing was spot on. As Sam is also a copywriter, I loved that she understood the nuances of modern content writing and that, at times, conversational copy and correct English writing are not the same things. Sam polished my words and made valuable suggestions while keeping to my preferred style and flavour. Top job, Sam.

December 2022

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