Copywriter, Editor and lover of cheese 

Samantha, (but let’s call her Sam from here on in, Samantha makes her cringe the same way she’s cringing having to write about herself in third person but she digresses) Where were we? Yes…

Sam loves to write. It’s as simple as that. Ever since she was third grade and had a short story published in a state wide booklet (and thought she was an accomplished author because of this), writing has been a constant.

Okay, that’s a half truth. Sam left school and joined the NSW Police Force and didn’t write for years. The same old story – life got in the way. Career, marriage, kids – the whole shebang.

18 years in the NSW Police Force took a toll and Sam left that life behind in 2020.

The love of writing snuck its way back in and Sam did some things:

  • Wrote (still writes) and published a crime thriller series – sorry – award winning (check out the awards below) ongoing crime thriller series.
  • Started freelance copywriting and attracting big name clients.
  • Started offering editing services specialising in developmental because YAY for fiction! She especially loves helping indie authors get their books into the world.

Sam is all about tone of voice and speaks directly to a client’s audience/user in language they understand and respond to. After being a frontline police officer for 18 years, she knows how to persuade people to action and guide them to see the benefits of her suggestions (I mean if she can make a few hours sitting in a custody dock sound appealing).

Her speciality is web copy – which includes micro-copy, UX and blogs.


In my own words…

I want to help you create amazing websites with stories, words and descriptions that make people trip over their own feet to buy your products and services.

I want to learn about you as a person/business and make sure your customers understand who they’re buying from and what they’re getting.

I want to work with you, not just for you.

I’m not a faceless writer behind a screen.

I value my clients and their ideas. It’s your business, I just want to help you stand out and succeed.