I want to help you polish your manuscript until it sparkles!

As an author myself, I understand how important your manuscript is to you. You’ve worked for months – maybe even years to write your book. Your characters are like children to you. I get it. Believe me.

I offer several editing services, but my specialty is in developmental editing. I’ll help you with your plot, character development and structure.

I’ll talk to you about your genre, target audience, and intentions for your book so I know what your end goal is.

Editing Services

Let’s get cracking on making your manuscript the best it can be.

Line Editing

Line editing includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, tense issues, continuity and flow, and consistency.

$0.020 per word

Content Editing

Line editing, plus sentence structure, characterisation or plot issues.

$0.025 per word


Is your manuscript fairly clean? Are you a seasoned pro at this writing gig?

All you need is a professional proofread which includes spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I will also pick up any other glaring issues that may need to be addressed.

$0.015 per word

These top 3 services are available for a sample edit. This is a flat rate of $80 for  2 chapters (or up to 2000 words). I will deduct this from your further invoice if you choose to use my editing services for your manuscript.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a very personalised service pertinent to your manuscript. Some manuscripts have less issues than others and vice versa. Developmental editing is a whole story approach. I will look at everything by the way of characters, plot, structure, flow, consistency, marketability, target audience and genre.

It’s a good idea for a your manuscript to have gone through at least a line edit and some tidying up before we begin a developmental edit.


Other things to consider before engaging in developmental editing:

  • Be flexible with your deadline. If you know you need your manuscript by a certain date, you need to find a developmental editor well in advance. If you want the best possible job done, you need to allow time for that.
  • Be open to feedback. I will always provide feedback in a courteous and respectful manner, but if you are asking for a developmental edit you should be open to suggestions to enhance your story. But it’s your story and your passion project so all final decisions are of course, yours.
  • In line with the last point, have a chat with me first and make sure we are on the same page (pun intended 😉) when it comes to your manuscript and your end goal. I want nothing more than to help you because I understand being a writer and wanting your words out in the big wide world.


Contact me to talk about your manuscript and what you need.


*Please note a sample edit cannot be offered for a developmental edit. As stated above , it is a whole story approach and requires the entire manuscript to be considered.